Extended Boat Warranty


Even if your new car is still covered by the manufacturer's original warranty it may be a smart move to get an extended warranty from an established and reputable company. For one thing extended warranties cost less the earlier you buy them. Another smart reason to get an extended warranty is that the extended warranty you buy now will increase the resale value of your car when you sell or trade it. Of course the biggest benefit to buying an extended warranty now is that you may never have to pay for auto repairs again.

The right extended warranty can extend your manufacturer's warranty by up to 10 years and cover more than 1,000 additional parts. Chances are your extended warranty will provide significantly more protection to you from crushing vehicle repair bills than even the manufacturer's warranty does.

You can buy an extended warranty from the dealer but you will almost certainly pay 40%-60% more for the same coverage than you would from a private marketer with the know-how and ability to stay on top of the business. The best way is to find out is to compare prices. Get an extended warranty quote from your dealer and compare it with this quote. You want to be sure that you are comparing apples to apples on the coverage.

Extended warranty coverage can be purchased with no deductible if desired. The repair payment process is straightforward. If you have a mechanical problem you notify the claims department, take your vehicle to your favorite shop for repairs, and WarrantyDirect pays the repair bill over the phone with their corporate credit card. You can have your car repaired as many times as needed. National roadside assistance coverage is available if you breakdown away from home.

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