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What Will Your Auto Warranty Cover?

Friday, October 6th, 2006

The seller’s new or used recent model car or truck has a warranty. The salesperson tells you so. A warranty is a good thing, but there are many kinds: manufacturer’s warranties, unlimited warranty, limited warranty, and auto extended warranty. As you can see automobile warranty may mean many different things.

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89% of new-car buyers are financing their vehicles for more than four years

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

So are longer loans good for the consumer?”It has allowed consumers to buy more car than they had in the past,” says Marguerite Watanabe, auto-finance practice manager for BenchMark, a management consulting firm.

Twenty years ago, when consumers shopped for a car, they focused on the cost of the car, she says. Today, they shop payments. “The monthly payment is now what’s driving the purchase.”

Whether it’s a good move for an individual consumer may depend on how he or she handles the loan, says Philip Reed, consumer-service advice editor for

Read the entire article at MSN Moneycentral. The article barely mentions it but if you are considering financing a new car for 5 years or longer you should do the math to see how a non-dealer extended warranty may save you some serious money down the road when the cost of inevitable auto repairs will have to be added to the amount of the car payments on your then “old” car. Non-dealer extended warranties are less expensive when purchased at the same time or very soon after you buy your new car.