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Asics GT 2110 Running Shoes

Sunday, January 28th, 2007

Read this customer’s review:

“I had the worst feet! I ran my first marathon in May, and I was in a panic. On my long runs in March and the first part of April I was going to quit! My feet hurt so bad! I was training on a lot of downhill runs, and therefore landed on the balls of my feet. Ouch! I think I would have been better off to run in nothing, than to wear what I had, which was a top of the line shoe. I was desparate! I found these Asics GT 2110 Men’s Shoe (I’m a woman) and I felt 100% better!! I had support plus the cushion I needed for my sore feet, what an awesome shoe!! I finished my marathon in them, I couldn’t have done it without them.”

How to select the running shoes.

Women Body Building

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Have you ever considered beefing-up? Okay, for those of you who have no clue what that means, I just want to assure you that it has nothing to do with beef products and cooking. By beefing-up I mean getting stacked, ripped and totally solid. You know, gain some significant muscle weight. If you are a male, then you can be certain that this will impress the ladies. Hey, I’m not just saying that either. The truth is that most women find muscular men attractive. Within moderation of course. I’m not telling you to get as buff as the Incredible Hulk himself. I’m just saying that 20 pounds of extra muscle can go a long ways. I recall when I was skinny back in high school. I was glad to pack on 15 pounds of pure muscle as an adult. I didn’t want to keep a child’s body forever. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget about the women body building. I’m sure some ladies could use some extra brawn.

The topic of women body building is such a bizarre one. It’s actually not that commended, or have you noticed? Just check out what is considered attractive in both genders. Sure, men are preferred to be buff and strong. However, one mention of women body building and men bolt. They typically want nothing to do with a lady who’s stacked and strong. They expect a Victoria’s Secret body from the softer sex. Now, I personally can’t knock the delicate figure of a standard woman, but I see nothing wrong with women body building. In fact, I think it’s a wonderful idea. I would think contemporary women would love to be ripped and strong. Imagine your new physical prowess in comparison to the average female. Imagine how the men you encounter would not be near as physically dominating as before. Maybe you would now possess the brute strength over them. That has got to sound enticing. You’re going to fill out that little black dress a lot better too.

One factor you may want to consider regarding women body building is the reason why men don’t prefer a buff lady. I think it’s all about intimidation. If the woman is strong, the man may feel less adequate. Hey, this is their problem. Not yours! So for all you women body building nuts out there, check out that Bowflex home gym and lift on. Achieve that ripped figure that you’ve always wanted. It may give you much more confidence and peace of mind.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Many women wish for an expensive engagement ring, but I am not one of them. To me, there are better things to spend money on, and a ring means the same thing not matter how much it costs. There are so many men that stress about getting an expensive engagement ring, and they may be surprised to know that their intended may not be as concerned with how much it costs as they may think. For some of us, it is the thought that counts, no matter how cliché that may sound. There is no sense in going broke buying an expensive engagement ring when a down payment on a house might be much more sensible. Cubic Zirconia engagement rings have the looks, fire, and brilliance of diamonds for a fraction of the cost.

I remember a guy I knew in college that was perplexed with his new fiancé, but I could tell he was pleased with her decision. She refused an expensive engagement ring, and in fact, wouldn’t take a ring from him at all. She said it was immensely impractical, and there was no sense in getting one. She wanted a Playstation game system instead. This guy didn’t have a lot of money, but he seemed willing to go into debt to get her an expensive engagement ring. He was very relieved he didn’t have to get one, even if he wouldn’t admit that to her.

There is nothing wrong with buying an expensive engagement if your intended really wants one, and you can afford one. However, if she is pointing out rings that are out of your price range, you may have to tell her that she needs to aim lower. She may not realize you can’t afford the expensive engagement ring she wants, and she may be very agreeable about getting something that costs a little less. If she throws a fit, perhaps you should rethink the entire affair. If she insists on an expensive engagement ring, it won’t stop there. You’ll be up to your ears in debt for the rest of your life.

You can find an expensive engagement ring if you visit a fine jeweler in your area. Some may have payment plans you can take advantage of, or you can put one on your credit card. Just make sure you can spare the cash without putting a dent into your finances that you may not be able to repair.

Cheerleading Shoes

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

Perhaps the most engineered of all the athletic shoes are cheerleading shoes. And for good reason. The main requirement for running shoes is to absorb shock and prevent ankle pronation. Cheer shoes must perform those two tasks equally as well, and then on top of that cheerleading shoes must perform an even more diverse set of functions than any other athletic shoe.

Choosing A High-Quality Pair Of Women’s Dress Shoes

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

You don’t have to spend a fortune on dress shoes to buy a quality women’s dress shoe that fits comfortably, that is, if you know what to look for. Price is not always an indication of quality.

American Indian Beadwork

Tuesday, January 16th, 2007

When shopping for items that boast American Indian beadwork you may come across some interesting and unexpected colors and designs. These interesting pieces have arrangements that are not commonly associated with traditional American Indian beadwork.