The defect you are complaining about must occur before the vehicle has 18,000 miles on it. The Lemon Law can apply to new vehicles, used vehicles (if still within the Lemon Law limits), motorcycles and motor homes. (1) a repair was attempted three or more times for the same substantial defect; or (2) a single repair was attempted for a serious failure of either the braking or steering system; or (3) repairs were attempted for any defect or combination of defects that resulted in the vehicle being out of service for a cumulative total of 15 or more business days. Three (3) years from the date your vehicle was originally sold, or the end of the manufacturer express warranty term.

Maine Lemon Law Statute

Maine Attorney General - Lemon Law Info

To apply for State Lemon Law Arbitration, your vehicle must be:

purchased or leased in Maine less than 3 years ago; and covered by the original warranty from the manufacturer.

If your vehicle has been repaired 3 times for the same serious problem, or your vehicle has been repaired once for a serious braking or steering problem, or the vehicle has been out of service for 15 business days for repairs of one or more problems (does not have to be consecutive days) before 18,000 miles and it is currently not fixed, then:

1. Obtain repair records from the dealer for each repair.
2. Contact the State Lemon Law Arbitration Program for a Lemon Law Application and Final Opportunity to Repair Notice: Telephone 207-626-8848.
3. Send written notice (Final Repair Notice) the manufacturer by Certified (return receipt) mail. This notifies the manufacturer that your applying for Lemon Law Arbitration and that you are giving a final opportunity to repair existing problems. A form letter for this purpose will be sent to you with the application.
4. Allow the manufacturer at least 7 business days after receipt of your Final Opportunity to Repair letter to make the necessary repair. (You may withdraw your vehicle after this 7 day period has ended.)
5. If the defect(s) were not corrected by the final repair attempt, or if the defect recurs and you want an arbitration hearing, do not repair the vehicle as it is your evidence. File your Lemon Law application before your vehicle is three years old and before the manufacturer's warranty expires.
6. You must prove to an arbitrator that:

The vehicle's defect(s) has been repaired at least once before 18,000 miles.
The vehicle's defect(s) is substantial and it impairs the vehicle's use, safety or value.
The vehicle's defect(s) continues and has not been corrected.
The manufacturer has been given adequate opportunity to repair the vehicle.
The manufacturer has been given a Final Opportunity to Repair.

7. If your first repair attempt on the claimed defect has occurred before 18,000 miles, but the other repair attempts occurred after 18,000 miles you may still be eligible.

The Maine Lemon Law allows consumers with a severely defective new vehicle to have their cases heard by a state arbitrator, free of charge. Hearings take place and a written decision is issued within 45 days of acceptance of the completed Lemon Law application. If the arbitrator finds in favor of the consumer, the consumer may received a replacement of the vehicle (if the manufacturer makes one available) or the consumer may choose a refund.